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Lyon’s little secrets…

Tablier de sapeur

Tablier de sapeur is a culinary speciality from the city of Lyon. It consists of a piece of veal meat, usually from the gras-double (the part of the animal’s stomach), which is breaded and fried.

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The Lyonnaise salad

The Lyonnaise salad is a culinary specialty originating from our beautiful city of Lyon, and of course from the Café des Fédérations.

It’s a salad made with frisée lettuce hearts, bacon, croutons, and poached eggs. It is often seasoned with a vinaigrette made from wine vinegar, mustard and oil. read more…

The Bouchon Lyonnais

Bouchons Lyonnais are gastronomic gems rooted in the rich culinary tradition of the city of Lyon, France. These warm and friendly establishments are much more than just restaurants; these are institutions that embody the Lyon art of living.

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The 12 Crus du Beaujolais

Beaujolais, blessed land of vineyards, celebrates its viticultural wealth through a unique and emblematic phenomenon: the 12 Crus du Beaujolais. These wines are the fruit of the diversity of soils, the microclimate and the ancestral know-how of the winegrowers who shape this exceptional wine-growing region.

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LYON since 1872

Café Des Fédés - Bouchon Lyonnais since 1872
Café des Fédés - Master restaurateur in Lyon