4 March 2024


Cochonaille generally refers to a variety of pork-based products. This can include a range of charcuterie such as raw sausages, dry sausage, ham, bacon, rillettes, pâté, terrines and many others. In short, it’s an assortment of processed pork products.

Cochonaille, originally associated with the typical snacks of field and factory workers (along with cheese and red wine), is now part of the lifestyle and culture of all French people, at home, in restaurants and on picnics.

Each region of France has its own assortment. In Lyon, it is a must in famous Bouchons such as the Café des Fédérations. It is served either as an aperitif on boards to be shared, or as a starter. At the Café des Fédérations you’ll find gratons, rosettes, terrines and brioche sausages.

The art of preparing cochonaille goes back centuries and is often regarded as a traditional skill passed down from generation to generation.

In short, cochonaille is a term used to describe a variety of processed pork products that are an integral part of French cuisine and its regional culinary traditions, including the famous Bouchons Lyonnais.

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Café Des Fédés - Bouchon lyonnais depuis 1872
Café des Fédés - Maître restaurateur à Lyon