The barrel organ

4 July 2024

The barrel organ

The barrel organ is a mechanical wind and keyboard musical instrument. It takes its name from medieval and baroque organs, although it is not directly related to them. The barrel organ consists mainly of a bellows, a system of perforated cylinders and a keyboard.

The instrument produces music when air is blown through the perforated cylinders. The holes in the cylinders determine the melody that is played as the cylinder rotates. The player controls the speed of rotation and can also influence the sound by using the keyboard to activate registers or effects.

The barrel organ is often associated with a happy atmosphere, conjuring up images of busy streets and popular entertainments of the past. It was once a common feature of fairs, amusement parks and cafés.

As for the Café des Fédérations, where the barrel organ is played every 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month, where a warm and friendly atmosphere is created. The barrel organ performances can vary from classical pieces to popular songs, adding a touch of charm and authenticity to the Café des Fédés experience.


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