The rosette and the saucisson de Lyon

3 April 2024

The rosette and the saucisson de Lyon

The rosette de Lyon and the saucisson de Lyon are two charcuterie specialities that are emblematic of Lyon’s cuisine and its famous Bouchons, such as the Café des Fédérations.

Rosette de Lyon is a dry sausage made from pork, usually lean meat and pork fat, seasoned with salt, pepper and sometimes other spices such as garlic or nutmeg. This sausage is recognisable by its elongated shape and rather chewy texture. It is traditionally wrapped in natural gut and then matured for several weeks, or even months, to develop its flavours.

Saucisson de Lyon is a cooked sausage made from minced pork meat, seasoned with salt, pepper and sometimes aromatic herbs. Unlike the rosette, the Lyon sausage is cooked, giving it a firmer texture.

Rosette de Lyon is best served as an aperitif or as a starter on a platter to be shared with a glass of good Beaujolais.

Saucisson de Lyon  is generally served hot as a main course, as it is at the Café des Fédérations. Either plain with steamed potatoes and the famous cervelle de canut, or with a Beaujolais sauce and steamed potatoes.

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