17 April 2024


Guignol is an iconic character in Lyon’s puppet theatre. Created in the early 19th century by the canut (silk weaver) Laurent Mourguet, Guignol is a popular character, often depicted as a small, outspoken man who denounces the social and political injustices of his time through comic sketches.

The Café des Fédérations has a close link with Lyon’s puppet tradition, particularly Guignol. In the past, the café was a meeting place for puppeteers and Guignol enthusiasts, who came here after their performances to discuss and exchange ideas about this popular art.


Over the years, the Café des Fédérations has become an emblematic part of Lyon’s culture, where local gastronomy and puppeteering tradition come together. Although Guignol is no longer as ubiquitous in popular culture as it once was, its legacy lives on in places like the Café des Fédérations, which preserve and celebrate this unique tradition.

LYON depuis 1872

Café Des Fédés - Bouchon lyonnais depuis 1872
Café des Fédés - Maître restaurateur à Lyon