Les Mères Lyonnaises (Mothers from Lyon)

20 December 2023

Les Mères Lyonnaises (Mothers from Lyon)

The Mères Lyonnaises, emblematic of the city’s gastronomy, are the guardians of a rich and exquisite culinary tradition.

These passionate and talented women are renowned for their expertise in the art of Lyonnaise cuisine, an authentic and generous cuisine that has conquered palates around the world. They are often associated with Bouchons, typical Lyon restaurants where you can enjoy traditional dishes such as pike quenelle with crayfish sauce, sweetbreads with cream, chicken liver cake, sapeur apron, etc.

The Mères lyonnaises and the Bouchons also embody the conviviality and warmth specific to Lyon culture. Their warm welcome and generosity transform each meal into a memorable experience, where we share much more than delicious dishes: we share a part of the soul of Lyon.

LYON depuis 1872

Café Des Fédés - Bouchon lyonnais depuis 1872
Café des Fédés - Maître restaurateur à Lyon