Little Lyonnais Glossary

1 December 2023

Little Lyonnais Glossary

A gone
A boy from Lyon

A fenotte
A girl from Lyon

A machon
Hearty traditional morning meal

The gratons
Fried pork fat in pieces

The pot
In Lyon, we don’t order a pitcher but a pot. Old measure of wine

A rosette
Pure pork sausage stuffed in a pink pork gut.

A “mère lyonnaise”
Women who at the time cooked for the great bourgeois families of Lyon and who then emancipated themselves to set up their own business and offer traditional cuisine

The “Y”
Probably the basis of Lyonese speech!
The “Y” is found almost everywhere in Lyon and replaces an impersonal pronoun “the”.
For example:
“On y fait vraiment bien à manger au Café des Fédés !”
“Donnes-y donc le plat que je goute aussi !”

A canut
A Lyon silk weaver

A caillon
A pig

A vogue
A Lyon funfair

The ficelle
The funicular that goes up to Fourvière

A traboule
Pedestrian crossing which allows you to go from one street to another in the neighborhoods

The pieds-humides
Small drinks kiosks installed in squares, quays or in the Tête d’Or park

The “colline qui prie” (hill that pray)
The Fourvière district, the emblematic basilica of Lyon, the nerve center of all religious activity in Lyon

The “colline qui travaille” (hill that works)
The Croix Rousse district was once a center of the silk industry. It is covered with canut buildings which accommodated a population of working people from Lyon throughout the 19th century.

LYON depuis 1872

Café Des Fédés - Bouchon lyonnais depuis 1872
Café des Fédés - Maître restaurateur à Lyon